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about us

For a long time now we have been recommending places, sharing our house and family with friends and friends of friends who have come to Buenos Aires for many different reasons: tourism, to study Spanish, work, study, or even to live here!

We enjoy living in Buenos Aires, walking in it, going out to see shows, expositions, fairs and we would be happy to tell you all about it. We would like to bring you closer to our city and to create a bridge to its treasures.

In 2018 we decided to join Mater Sustentable (www.mater.travel)  in offering travel experiences all over Argentina, with special focus in local and sustainable travel. We embrace travel as a way to show authentic Argentina, in all its diverse: Patagonia, North, Litoral, Cuyo...

Violeta, together with Mater, designs unique experiences to travel in this country, our country, the one we love. We invite you to travel like a local.

If you want to see more: Mater.Travel

Marie-Karine Manoli

Born in Montreal, Quebec, I settled down in Buenos aires more than eighteen years ago. I had the chance to run my own B&B for four years and still enjoy the contact with the travelers as much as I did back then.

I prefer to travel light, although I always come back loaded like a mule. My choice of lodging is a small and cosy B&B, reserved in advance. Activities and things to do are chosen when I get to my destination: in spite of being (a bit) obsessive, on a trip I actually let go and relax. My must do things: visit a bookstore and a local supermarket ;-)

Violeta Deyapa

Have you already guessed? I'm the starring character of this site.

My day usually starts pretty late with a "café con leche y medialunas" then I am ready to immerse myself in beautiful Buenos Aires. Everything is attractive to me: the "barrios" or neighborhoods, the beautiful buildings, wide avenues, museums and of course my favorites-the cafés of Buenos Aires. And by night, it is actually true that "Buenos Aires doesn't sleep". There is so much to do! Theatre, movies, exhibitions, design fairs, bookstores, music... 

I will be in charge of the section La Yapa to keep you updated with everything that is going on in the city. Meet you there?

What kind of traveler are you?

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